The Atlanta Tree App is the first product launched by Disco Droid, a data science startup based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta has the highest percentage of overall urban tree canopy in the nation when compared to other cities that have conducted assessments. To protect the canopy, a local ordinance requires a permit to remove most trees. 

The Tree App is an easy-to-use, text-based chat bot that sends you notifications of nearby tree removal permit applications. There is nothing to download, no login/password, and it is totally free. Just text TREES to (404) 637-0080 to get started. Also subscribe to our mailing list and we will email you tips on how to use the Tree App, as well as examples of recent arborist enforcement actions and tree-saving appeals to the Tree Conservation Commission.

Below is a map of current orange and yellow sign postings in Atlanta.  Orange signs indicate that plans have been submitted to the Atlanta Office of Buildings that may include tree removal.  Yellow signs indicate that a plan including tree removal has been preliminarily approved by the Arborist Division.  The preliminary approval may be appealed by 5pm by the date listed on the sign.

Disco Droid is not affiliated with the City of Atlanta.  This data is collected from public sources and may not be accurate.  Please see our Terms of Service.

Examples of enforcement actions with fees issued:

4243 E Brookhaven Dr (Brookhaven) – $2,600 assessed on 12/23/2020 for illegal removal of a 13″ Magnolia and 17″ Magnolia in the rear. This is in addition to an assessment of $3,670 for illegal removal of three Cryptomeria trees at the front left.

(no building plan available)

2406 Glenwood Dr NE (Peachtree Hills) – $1,460 assessed on 12/17/2020 for illegal removal of 12″ hardwood.  Owner had filed an application to remove the same tree as dead/dying/hazardous in March, and that request was denied.

(no building plan available)

 1053 Regent St SW (Sylvan Hills)  – $1,380 assessed on 12/17/2020 with construction hold. Permit for new single family home. Site failed inspection via Google Duo; a 26″ Pecan marked as “saved” on site plan had been removed without permit.

1053 Regent streetview

237 Robin Hood (Sherwood Forest) – $7,160 assessed on 12/16/2020. Single family home demolition. Multiple trees removed without a permit, including a 33″ Oak, 18″ hardwood, 9″ Cryptomera, 32″ Tulip Poplar. Site plan for demolition permit states “no trees removed/protect all trees” (full site plan here).

237 Robin Hood site plan

240 Brighton Rd NE (Brookwood Hills) – $2,180 assessed on 12/16/2020. Applied for removal of dead/dying/hazardous tree; applicant stated that the tree was leaning towards neighbor’s house, had dropped limbs, and was “destroying” the driveway and home foundation. Arborist noted that tree condition was not clear and requested photos. Upon inspection, the Arborist found that the tree had already been removed.

(no building plan available)

 732 Grant St SE (Grant Park)  – $5,810 paid 12/15/2020. Permit for new single family home. Critical root zone of four trees impacted by trenching/digging: 7″ sweetgum, 22″ sweetgum, 11″ hackberry, 7″ sweetgum, requiring removal of the trees.  Note that the fees were imposed one week earlier for similar damage (below).

(no building plan available)

3121 Marne Dr NW (Argonne Forest, Buckhead) – $4,050 assessed on 12/14/2020. Single family home construction. Multiple hardwood trees in front of the home removed without a permit, ranging from 6″ to 12″, discovered by arborist during final walkthrough.

(no building plan available)

 732 Grant St SE (Grant Park)  – $3,290 paid 12/7/2020. Permit for new single family home. Construction too close to a 73″ DBH Hackberry caused significant damage to the critical root zone, requiring removal of the tree. 

(no building plan available)

 839 Flat Shoals Ave SE (East Atlanta)  – $900 paid 11/17/2020. Permit for seven townhomes. 10″ Water Oak marked as “saved” on building plans (tree #29) was damaged during construction and must be removed.

Flat Shoals townhomes

416 Golf View (Buckhead)  – $2,840 paid 11/13/2020. Permit for residential pool installation. Inspector found stumps of 23″ Pine and 15″ Pear tree during video inspection for yellow posting.  See excerpt of preliminary plan at right (full building plan available here).  Only one 6″ Cedar was marked for removal, as shown by the “X” and small blue circle.  

950 Rittenhouse Way (Pontiac Place, Custer)  – $2,510 paid 11/12/2020. Permit for new residential home. Arborist conducted an onsite Facetime inspection and found a 13″ tree and 14″ tree removed.  The trees were marked for removal (see excerpt of building plan at right; full plan available here), but a yellow sign had not been posted and permit had not yet issued.

2922 Andrews Drive NE (Peachtree Heights West) – $960 paid 11/10/2020. Removal of 12″ hardwood back left of garage without permit.

(No associated building plan)

312 Blackland Rd NW (Tuxedo Park) – $960 owed and outstanding as of 11/10/2020. Related demolition and permit to build new single family home, with removal of 33 trees, as shown in excerpts to the right (full plan here). Illegal removal of three trees at rear right, 17″ hardwood, 7″ hardwood, and 38″ hardwood not approved for removal.

1741 Friar Tuck Rd NE (Sherwood Forest) – $3040 paid on 10/20/2020.  Illegal removal of a 17″ ash tree in front yard and 11″ cherry tree in back (shown with the two green arrows in the adjacent excerpt), discovered by the City Arborist during a video walk-through of the property in preparation for posting a yellow sign. Related demolition and permit to build new single family home, with removal of 5 trees (full plan here).


1165 McLynn Ave NE (Morningside) – $4,270 paid on 10/13/2020. Illegal destruction of trees during construction of an un-permitted retaining wall identified by arborist during on-site inspection. Structural root plate destruction of a 27″ tulip poplar, 9″ tulip poplar, and 13″ tulip poplar.

(No associated building plan)

872 Durant Place NE (Midtown) – $1,760 paid on 10/7/2020. Illegal destruction of 22″ hardwood located in front right of home due to construction/cutting into ground next to the tree. See preliminary arborist approval stamp top right of adjacent excerpt from permit for demolition and new home construction showing “NO TREES WILL BE DESTROYED BY CONSTRUCTION” (full plan here).