The Atlanta Tree App is the first product launched by Disco Droid, a data science startup based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta has the highest percentage of overall urban tree canopy in the nation when compared to other cities that have conducted assessments. To protect the canopy, a local ordinance requires a permit to remove most trees. 

The Tree App is an easy-to-use, text-based chat bot that sends you notifications of nearby tree removal permit applications. There is nothing to download, no login/password, and it is totally free. Just text TREES to (404) 637-0080 to get started. Also subscribe to our mailing list and we will email you tips on how to use the Tree App, as well as examples of recent arborist enforcement actions and tree-saving appeals to the Tree Conservation Commission.

Below is a map of current orange and yellow sign postings in Atlanta.  Orange signs indicate that plans have been submitted to the Atlanta Office of Buildings that may include tree removal.  Yellow signs indicate that a plan including tree removal has been preliminarily approved by the Arborist Division.  The preliminary approval may be appealed by 5pm by the date listed on the sign.

Disco Droid is not affiliated with the City of Atlanta.  This data is collected from public sources and may not be accurate.  Please see our Terms of Service.